Agriculture. Open Source Solutions

Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock for food and materials. Open source farm management tools made for aspiring and current sustainable farmers.

If any of the solutions interests you, or you think that it has a good perspective for development, or you can adapt the software to the needs of citizens, authorities, businesses or NGO-s in Moldova, then you can:

1. International Solutions

# Open Source Solution Web Licence
1 farmOS / farmOS
farmOS: A web-based farm record keeping application. GPL-2.0
2 microsoft / FarmVibes.AI
Multi-Modal GeoSpatial ML Models for Agriculture and Sustainability. MIT
3 ekylibre / ekylibre
Open source Farm management Information System (FMIS) — Connecting farms to the world AGPL-3.0
4 FarmBot / farmbot_os
Humanity’s open-source CNC farming machine.
no website MIT
5 Ta0uf19 / Farm-Simulator
Farm Management Software
Java/FX Application helps agronomists and farmers collaborate on farming decisions.
Map Field management system facilitates remote monitoring of agricultural land and enables its users to efficiently plan and carry out agricultural operations.
no website AGPL-3.0
7 usetania / tania
A PHP based, free, and open source farming management system. Apache-2.0

2. Solutions not correspond

Open Source Solutions that do not comply with all Requirements, but potentially could be interesting to End Users.
We don’t make any recommendations to use or not to use the solutions listed below. Your decision is fully up to you.

# Open Source Solution Web Licence
1 Bryce Johnston / Awesome Agriculture
Open source technology for agriculture, farming, and gardening.
no website CCO (Common)
2 timmbogner / Farm Data Relay System
A system that uses ESP-NOW, LoRa, and other protocols to transport sensor data in remote areas without relying on WiFi.
no website Apache-2.0