Transport. Open Source Solutions

  • OpenStreetMap provides map data for thousands of web sites, mobile apps, and hardware devices.
  • Transportation management software, allowing various companies to streamline their daily transport operations, optimize logistics, and efficiently run the supply chain process.

Legaslative base of the Republic of Moldova:
Law on automobile roads nr. 509-XIII dated 22.06.1995
Automobile Transport Code nr. 150 dated 17.07.2014

Also see:
1) Strategy for transport and intelligent mobility – The strategy for transport and smart mobility for the municipality, as well as the related action plan of Chisinau City Hall.
2) UNDP Moldova: project Moldova Sustainable Green Cities.
3) EU regional and urban development: Smart cities program și City initiatives
4) Open Source for Government

If any of the solutions interests you, or you think that it has a good perspective for development, or you can adapt the software to the needs of citizens, authorities, businesses or NGO-s in Moldova, then you can:

1. International Solutions

# Open Source Solution Web Licence
1 openTCS / opentcs
openTCS (open Transportation Control System) is a free platform for controlling fleets of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile robots. It should generally be possible to control any automatic vehicle with communication capabilities with it, but AGVs are the main target. MIT
2 OpenLMIS / open-lmis
OpenLMIS (Open Logistics Management Information System) is software for a shared, open source solution for managing medical commodity distribution in low- and middle-income countries. AGPL-3.0
Unknown licence
3 openMAINT
The application for the management of real estate assets, industrial facilities, infrastructures and related maintenance activities. AGPL

2. Solutions not correspond

Open Source Solutions that do not comply with all Requirements, but potentially could be interesting to End Users.
We don’t make any recommendations to use or not to use the solutions listed below. Your decision is fully up to you.

# Open Source Solution Web Licence
2.1 mapbox / mapbox-gl-js
Interactive, thoroughly customizable maps in the browser, powered by vector tiles and WebGL
Mapbox GL JS is a JavaScript library for interactive, customizable vector maps on the web. It takes map styles that conform to the Mapbox Style Specification, applies them to vector tiles that conform to the Mapbox Vector Tile Specification, and renders them using WebGL. View Licence