Civic technology. Open Source Solutions

Civic technology, or Civic Tech (Digital technologies in civil society) are tools and services that develop civil society, create government transparency through the use of open data, simplify communication between citizens and the government, and involve the public in solving important issues.

Civic tech enhances the relationship between the people and government with software for communications, decision-making, service delivery, and political process. It includes information and communications technology supporting government with software built by community-led teams of volunteers, nonprofits, consultants, and private companies as well as embedded tech teams working within government.

Digital technologies in Civic Tech and GovTech.

If any of the solutions interests you, or you think that it has a good perspective for development, or you can adapt the software to the needs of citizens, authorities, businesses or NGO-s in Moldova, then you can:

1. International Solutions

# Open Source Solution Web Licence
1 opencivicdata / scrapers-us-municipal
Scrapers for US municipal governments. Source for municipal scrapers.
To find out more about the ins and outs of these scrapers, as well as how to create your own, head on over to’s scraping page. MIT
2 OpenUpSA / municipal-data
API and website for exploring municipal financial performance. MIT
3 City-of-Helsinki / helsinki-design-system
Components, principles, documentation and templates for the City of Helsinki design system.
no website MIT
4 City-of-Helsinki / open-city-app
Mobile app for open cities built with React Native.
no website MIT
5 govflow / govflow
An open, modular work order and workflow management system for local government and residents. MIT
6 govflow / govflow
An open, modular work order and workflow management system for local government and residents. MIT

2. Outdated solutions

The Open Source Solutions that does not update more than 1 year, but potentially could be interesting to End Users.
We don’t make any recommendations to use or not to use the solutions listed below. Your decision is fully up to you.

# Open Source Solution Web Licence
2.1 codeforamerica / opencounter (Archive)
NOTE: This codebase was adopted by OpenCounter Enterprises Inc. and is now maintained in a separate repository. Please see for more information. Set up shop in your city. BSD-3-Clause
2.2 egovernments / egov-smartcity-suite
eGov SmartCity eGovernance suite of products aim to improve the internal efficiency, transparency, accountability and the service delivery of Municipal Governments. The solution is freely available under the license terms as mentioned below. License