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According to the World Bank, GovTech (Digital Technologies in the Public Sector) is a whole of government approach to public sector modernization. It emphasizes three aspects of public sector modernization: citizen-centric, universally accessible public services, and whole-of-government approach to digital government transformation.

The public sector, also called the state sector, is the part of the economy composed of both public services and public enterprises. Public sectors include the public goods and governmental services such as the militarylaw enforcementinfrastructurepublic transitpublic education, along with health care and those working for the government itself, such as elected officials. The public sector might provide services that a non-payer cannot be excluded from (such as street lighting), services which benefit all of society rather than just the individual who uses the service. Public enterprises, or state-owned enterprises, are self-financing commercial enterprises that are under public ownership which provide various private goods and services for sale and usually operate on a commercial basis.

Organizations that are not part of the public sector are either part of the private sector or voluntary sector. The private sector is composed of the economic sectors that are intended to earn a profit for the owners of the enterprise. The voluntary, civic, or social sector concerns a diverse array of non-profit organizations emphasizing civil society.

Digital technologies in Civic Tech and GovTech.

Moldova joins the Digital Public Goods Alliance.

Open Source for Government

Many local, regional, and national governments are engaged with open source software and communities. Below are only a few resources that may help departments and agencies understand the value of open source software and development communities within the public sector, as well as how public institutions can engage with, and implement similar initiatives to realize the greatest returns for their citizens and governments.

The Government Open Data Portal in Moldova.

Legislation of Moldova. Public IT services

If any of the solutions interests you, or you think that it has a good perspective for development, or you can adapt the software to the needs of citizens, authorities, businesses or NGO-s in Moldova, then you can:

1. International Solutions

# Open Source Solution Web Licence
1 statisticssweden / PxWeb
Web application for disseminating statistical tables.
This is the official source code repository for PxWeb. PxWeb is a nice web application for dissemination of statistical tables please read more about it at the official web page on Statistics Sweden web site. Apache-2.0
2 uswds / uswds
The U.S. Web Design System helps the federal government build fast, accessible, mobile-friendly websites. Apache 2.0
3 uswds / uswds-site
U.S. Web Design System documentation
This repo includes code and documentation for the U.S. Web Design System website. For information on the USWDS components and codebase, please visit our uswds Github repo. Apache 2.0
4 uswds / uswds-for-designers
USWDS visual design and UX assets.
This repository hosts editable, open source United States Web Design System design files for government designers or anyone wishing to make use of the USWDS components or visual styles.
With the release of USWDS 2.0, we’ve made some major changes to the way our assets are structured. For now, these assets are only available as Sketch files for the Macintosh and as an Adobe XD file for other platforms These files have been tested with Sketch 95.1 and Adobe XD CC0 1.0
5 publiccodeyml / publiccode.yml
A metadata description standard for public software that is easy to use both for developers and people with less technical background in order to make the software developed by Public Administrations and Public Organisations easily discoverable. CC0-1.0
6 ckan / ckan
CKAN is an open-source DMS (data management system) for powering data hubs and data portals. CKAN makes it easy to publish, share and use data. It powers,, among many other sites. AGPL

2. Archived solutions

An open source solutions that is archived by the developer and no further updates are planned, but may potentially be of interest to End Users.
We don’t make any recommendations to use or not to use the solutions listed below. Your decision is fully up to you.

# Open Source Solution Web Licence
1 GSA / datagov-wptheme WordPress Theme (obsolete). is an open data website created by the U.S. General Services Administration that is based on two robust open source projects: CKAN and WordPress. The data catalog at is powered by CKAN, while the content seen at is powered by WordPress.
This repository provides the issue tracker for all code, bugs, and feature requests related to Currently the repository is only used for source version control on the code for the WordPress template, but you will also find pointers to the relevant CKAN code and additional resources documented below. View licence