Digital technologies in the public sector and civil society.

Digitalization of civil technologies and government administration.


According to the World Bank, GovTech (Digital technologies in the public sector) is a whole of government approach to public sector modernization. It emphasizes three aspects of public sector modernization: citizen-centric, universally accessible public services, and whole-of-government approach to digital government transformation.

GovTech Moldova:
Law 467/2003 on informatization and public information resources
New Digital Service to become available soon: Platforma Front-Office Digitization (FOD), E-Governahnce Agency of Moldova, 2023-03-21.
GovTech and Modernization of Government Services (E-Governahnce Agency of Moldova). Breakout Session F – GovTech, Ankara/Turkey, June 11-12, 2019

Civic Tech

Civic Tech (Digital technologies in civil society) – These are tools and services that develop civil society, simplify communication between citizens and government, and involve the public in solving important issues.
The main difference: the final beneficiaries in Civic Tech are citizens, while in GovTech they are governments.

The goal of Civic Tech projects is to involve people in solving certain issues, and GovTech tools are usually created in order to improve the operational efficiency of government agencies.

Civic Tech (Civic Digital Technologies):

  • often associated with open data. Large amounts of open data allow any startup or activist to see a fact-based problem and start working on a solution. Therefore, in countries leading in terms of Open Data development (USAUK), Civic Technology is developing more actively.
    The Government Open Data Portal in Moldova.
  • if necessary, they can get access via API to some of their personal data as a citizen and the ability to do something using a mobile application or in the personal account of a website, and the citizen’s personal account is not necessary – this is precisely the personal account that is in Govtech.
    One of the important conditions is the availability of an Open API (including by expanding the capabilities of the “Platforma de interoperabilitate MConnect”), while ensuring the necessary conditions / requirements for security, etc.

Public IT services. Open Source Solutions.

Our goals:

  • Creation and support of Open Source Community in Moldova
  • Support of creation of Digital Public Goods in Moldova
  • implementation and promotion of “Civic Tech
  • to contribute to the harmonious development of 2 segments of IT infrastructure in Moldova: “GovTech” and “Civic Tech”.