Why Open Source is useful for civil society:

Civil Society is a set of citizens who are not close to the levers of state power; a set of social relations outside the framework of government-power and commercial structures.
Citizens, NGOs, Public Associations, foundations and private institutes.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    With open source code, there are no license or usage fees. As a commercial service, costs apply only to implementation, setup, configuration, maintenance, documentation, and support services;

  • Reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of IT investments

    when the state expects to reduce costs or increase the efficiency of investments in the IT sector through the use of ready-made open source solutions used in other locations, industries, or other countries;

  • Harmonious development of Civic Tech

    when the state shows interest in the harmonious development of Gov Tech and Civic Tech;

  • Digital Public Goods Strategy

    if the state has a strategy for the comprehensive development and maintenance of Digital Public Goods in the form of software, data sets, AI models, standards or content that contribute to sustainable national digital development.

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