When Developers Publishers need Open Source:

Development publishers are IT developers (companies and individuals) who publish the original source code, and who:

  • For the initial placement and promotion of your new (or updated) free version of the product, so that as many potential users as possible, including IT companies, individual developers and end users, learn about it and try it, for example, for the purpose of beta testing the functionality of the preliminary version of the product.
  • Open Source solution – as an element of support, promotion and monetization of your marketing policy, for example:
    • Support for the cloud version of the product: Open Source (simplified) and commercial (extended) cloud version of the product;
    • “Dual licensing”, if there are 2 licenses: Open Source (free) and closed (commercial) version;
    • “Open core” solution and paid additional modules.
  • Support and maintenance of open source solutions (providing additional services), for example:
    • comprehensive technical support for your Open Source solution, for example, “Implementation, installation, configuration, maintenance, documentation and technical support”;
    • training courses, training or training services;
    • hosting an open source solution on the client’s servers, while the client uses the solution independently.
  • Developers rely on the IT community to help them validate their source code for security.
  • The developers believe that the publication of an Open Source solution will provide additional opportunities to promote their project and expand their audience, for example:
    • promotion for a specific part of the audience, niche, industry, etc. (for example, taking into account the specific needs of a specific audience or niche);
    • promotion for a specific region or country (for example, localization or translation of the interface by local developers).
  • Developers are interested in promoting their solution not only with their own resources, but also with the efforts of third-party developers (effort multiplier), for example:
  • Enthusiasts of open source solutions, or “ambassadors”, who are members of various Open Source IT communities.
  • Developers who adhere to modern software development practices
    Open source software is more than just “published source code”, it is based on the use of the Principles for Digital Development.
  • Who counts on feedback from users of Open Source solutions
    Open source gives companies a direct line to their most loyal customers. Open source enhances the voice of software consumers in the consumer-publisher relationship. In addition, the feedback a private company receives can lead to more informed product decisions and improvements to the product overall.
  • Developers who have the opportunity to receive external funding or a grant to create a promising open source solution and are then willing to provide technical support for this solution.
  • If this is a prerequisite for participation in some event, competition, hackathon or to receive a grant.

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