Tehnologii digitale civice. Soluții Cu Sursă Deschisă

Tehnologii digitale în societatea civilă – Acestea sunt instrumente și servicii care dezvoltă societatea civilă, simplifică comunicarea dintre cetățeni și guvern și implică publicul în rezolvarea problemelor importante.

Tehnologia civică (en. Civic technology sau Civic Tech) îmbunătățește relația dintre oameni și guvern cu software pentru comunicații, luare a deciziilor, furnizare de servicii și proces politic. Include tehnologia informației și comunicațiilor care sprijină guvernul cu software construit de echipe de voluntari conduse de comunitate, organizații nonprofit, consultanți și companii private, precum și echipe tehnologice încorporate care lucrează în cadrul guvernului.

Tehnologii digitale în Civic Tech și GovTech.

Civic Tech și Societatea Civilă

Dacă vreuna dintre soluții vă interesează, sau credeți că are o bună perspectivă de dezvoltare, sau puteți adapta software-ul la nevoile cetățenilor, autorităților, afacerilor sau organizațiilor obștească din Moldova, atunci puteți:

1. Soluții internaționale

# Open Source Solution Web Licence
1 codeforamerica / civic-tech-taxonomy
Standardized identifiers for categorizing civic technology projects
Standardized identifiers for categorizing civic technology projects and interests so we can better help people who want to work together find each other across the network.

codeforamerica.github.io/civic-tech-taxonomy/ MIT
2 codeforamerica / civic-tech-patterns
common patterns and anti-patterns for civic tech and civic apps.
Civic Tech Patterns
In the spirit of Wikipatterns, this is a collection of patterns and anti-patterns for describing common practices that may help or hinder the conception or design of your civic technology.

  1. Design Patterns
  2. Idea Patterns
  3. Design Anti-Patterns
  4. Idea Anti-Patterns
  5. Types of Civic Applications
codeforamerica.github.io/civic-tech-patterns BSD-3
3 civictechindex / CTI-website-frontend
Civic Tech Index UI
Maintainability | Test Coverage
The website for the Civic Tech Index
This is the front-end code for the website for Civic Tech Index, a Hack for LA project. There is another GitHub repository for the back-end code.
civictechindex.org/ MIT
4 codeforpdx / dwellingly-app
Mobile app for open cities built with React Native.
Dwellingly App
The nonprofit JOIN is working to help transition people out of homelessness. However, their current system for staying in touch with landlords is inadequate. Code for PDX is building the Dwellingly app in conjunction with JOIN. Dwellingly will aid property managers in communicating with social workers and will eventually aid in supporting both tenants and landlords with a more streamlined rental property process.This app aims to replace the current system with a robust ticketing system to ensure the staff at JOIN can connect with their landlords and clients seamlessly. This will allow JOIN to provide support and improve success in transitioning people out of homelessness.
UI Preview
Dwellingly is being built from these FIGMA designs
The app is currently live at: https://dwellingly-app.herokuapp.com login: admin@dwellingly.org password: asdfasdf
no website No licence
5 mysociety / theyworkforyou
Keeping tabs on the UK’s parliaments and assemblies.


This is the source code that powers the TheyWorkForYou.com website. It’s mainly written in PHP, although there are also some Perl scripts for database loading and indexing. The backend parser code is separate and available on GitHub. You can read more about this on TheyWorkForYou’s parser info page

The TheyWorkForYou source code in this distribution is released under a BSD style license. Roughly, this means you are free to copy, use, modify and redistribute the code or binaries made from the code. Commercial or non- commercial use is allowed. However, we disclaim warranty, and expect you not to use our name without our permission. See the file LICENSE.md for exact legal information.

http://www.theyworkforyou.com/ MIT
6 awesomedata / awesome-public-datasets
A topic-centric list of HQ open datasets.
https://awesomedataworld.slack.com/ MIT